European Commission on Democracy and Human Rights Small Grants

The emergency fund for human rights defenders at risk managed under the EIDHR allows the Commission to give direct small grants of up to 10.000 euro per grant to Human Rights Defenders (HRD), be it individuals or organisations, who are in need of urgent support.

This urgent support may take any form that is considered necessary, for instance to cover the fees for the legal representation of defenders, to cover medical expenses, to purchase security material for offices or homes, to pay for the evacuation of a HRD to another country, to support the operations of a Human Rights organisation which finds itself in a dire financial situation, etc.

Requests to use the small grants mechanism or emergency facility for HRDs should be addressed to your delegation or to the EIDHR team providing us with some information about the particular case to assist: name of the defender(s), background on the case(s), amount of grant requested, and for what purpose. The information received will be dealt with in confidentiality.

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