How to analyze violations of the right to food (Jan 28, 2013)

Kaitlin Y. Cordes (Righting Food)

Summary: Global hunger and food insecurity are complicated, messy issues. And although the right to food is a human right grounded in international law, lawyers and activists struggle when trying to document violations of that right. Too many reports lack nuance or a human rights framework, arguing simplistically that people in X country or region are hungry and thus their rights to food have been violated. Conversely, too many human rights advocates unfamiliar with economic and social rights simply avoid discussing the right to food.

In this article, Kaitlin Cordes proposes a simple framework for how to analyze violations of the right to food. This framework does leave open a gray area where reasonable people will disagree on what constitutes a violation and what corresponding steps a government must take. But hopefully this framework clarifies that, in some cases, it is fairly simple to show if a government is violating the right to food. Link to source:

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