Learning Outcomes Assessments - A Human Rights Perspective (2013)

Right to Education Project

Summary: The Right to Education Project (RTE) has been developing a briefing document over the past few months on learning outcomes. There has been considerable debate and discussion among educationalists revolving around learning outcomes. These debates have been carrying on for quite some time, but there has been renewed and amplified interest in learning outcomes as a tool for improving quality of education – an issue of central focus in the Post-2015 discussions. 

There are numerous learning outcomes assessment tools and methodologies. However, missing from the debates is a human rights perspective. Learning Outcomes Assessments: A Human Rights Perspective, seeks to highlight the key human rights principles that should inform education policies on learning outcomes to ensure that these tools are used to promote quality education that develops the child’s personalities, talents, and abilities to live a full and satisfying life within society.  It also provides recommendations to policy-makers to ensure that education policies on learning outcomes adhere to human rights standards.

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