Report on UN’s role in bridging SDGs with realization of ESCR

The Geneva Academy

With the help of International Solidarity Service of the Republic and State of GenevaThe Geneva Academy published No One Will Be Left Behind, a look at the role of United Nations (UN) human rights mechanisms in monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that seek to realize economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR).

The publication discusses the mutually reinforcing relationship between the SDGs and ESCR: ESCR can offer a legal foundation and guides the implementation of SDGs, and SDGs can increase support for the realization of ESCR. 

"It is a call to build more bridges between the SDGs and human rights, to ensure that a human rights-based approach will be followed in the implementation of the SDGs, but also to make sure that equality, non-discrimination, participation and attention to the most vulnerable and those who are left behind are fully integrated." 
- Strategic Adviser on ESCR at the Geneva Academy. Dr Christophe Golay and author of the publication

The report highlights the need for a greater accountabilty framework within the 2030 Agenda and provides concrete recommendations for the way ahead.

Read the full report here.