Resource Page on Trade, Investment, Finance and Human Rights

Many ESCR-Net Members and active participants are undertaking significant advocacy, research, training, and related work on trade, investment and human rights.  While the list of resources below is far from complete, we hope that it will provide a helpful starting point for further learning and a potential basis for identifying areas of collective work or collaboration.  After introducing the organizations coordinating ESCR-Net work on trade, investment, finance and human rights, this section is divided into:

1. Trade, Investment, Finance and Human Rights Organization Profiles

2. Additional Organizational Resources

3. International Trade, Investment, and Finance Institutions

Coordinators of ESCR-Net Discussion Group on Trade, Investment and Finance (Economic Policy)

Center of Concern ( ), also an ESCR-Net Member and the other coordinator of our work on trade, investment and human rights, ‘envisions a world in which every woman, man and child can survive, thrive, and contribute back to our communities, enhancing life for all who share the planet. Through research, analysis, networking, public education and advocacy, the Center works to advance more just, sustainable and authentically human development for all, especially for the marginalized and those in poverty.'  Aldo Caliari, Coordinator of the Rethinking Bretton Woods Project of the Center of Concern , has actively guided ESCR-Net discussions and work on investment, trade, and human rights. The Rethinking Bretton Woods Project undertakes valuable work on reforming international financial institutions.  In addition, the Center of Concern also serves as the Secretariat for the International Gender and Trade Network (IGTN), a network of gender advocates working to promote equitable, social, and sustainable trade.

In October, 3D three--a long-time member of ESCR-Net and co-coordinator of our trade and human rights initiative--was forced to close its doors due to financial difficulties. We honor their path-breaking work over the years at the intersection of trade and human rights, and continue to be inspired and strengthened by their vision and insight.