Special Procedures: Special Rapporteurs & Independent Experts

The Commission on Human Rights has established certain mechanisms to address thematic and country-specific human rights issues. One of these special procedures is the appointment of special rapporteurs or independent experts, whose mandate is to “examine, monitor, advise, and publicly report on human rights situations”, either in specific countries or on thematic issues related to human rights violations worldwide. Special rapporteurs and independent experts, who possess particular expertise in human rights, receive information about human rights violations, conduct country visits on the invitation of states to investigate human rights conditions, and prepare reports to document and monitor the status of human rights. As special rapporteurs and independent experts do not represent a particular state, they are an independent impartial voice within the UN system to identify and publicize human rights violations.

In relation to economic, social and cultural rights, there are the following mandated special rapporteurs and independent experts (click on the links for more information):



Further information

Fact Sheet N.27: Seventeen Frequently Asked Questions about United Nations Special Rapporteurs (PDF)

Special Procedures Bulletin, Issue 1, January-April 2006 (PDF)