State of Policing and Law & Order in Dehli

Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative

ESCR-net member Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative’s (CHRI), in conjunction with the Praja Foundation, reported on the state of policing and Law & order in Delhi with the aim to provide a holistic view, in very objective terms relying solely on official data, of the state of crime and policing in Delhi for the year 2014.  The report further reveals what corrective action are needed to take the agenda of better policing for all forward. 

CHRI police reforms program aims to realize increased demand for rights-based police reform and the strengthening of police accountability in the Commonwealth.  In the regions of South Asia and East Africa where CHRI works, policing is often characterized by brutality, torture, partiality, illegal arrest and detention, corruption and abuse of due process. Meanwhile, police officers and organizations are unsupported, under-resourced and work in extremely challenging circumstances.  CHRI works with the police, governments, independent institutions, and civil society actors to improve policing, advocating for human rights based, accountable police practices. 

To find the report on the state of policing in Delhi, click here.