Member News

The social movement of South Africa secure access to electricity for shack dwellers in Siyanda and hail the arrest of two local councilors following the murder of their leader last year

MST, MAB and other organizations criticize HSBC due its participation in several scandals of corruption and money  laundering

Foum-Asia, FIDH and OMCT call the Government of Thailand to investigate the murder of Mr. Chai Bunthonglek in Suranthhani Province

Ekta Parishad calls on the Indian Government to comply with a historic 10 Points agreement on land reform

The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders released their annual report: We are Not Afraid

Several ESCR-Net Members in Cambodia condemn the indefensible verdicts issued by the Court of Appeal in the cases of ten land activists and one monk

Kairos: The Center for Religion, Rights and Social Justice and Poverty Initiative call for a New Poor People’s Campaign for Today

The Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum held a rally against arrests and tortures faced by the fishermen community

The Andean Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations (CAOI) express concerns regarding the eviction of CONAIE from their office

The Q'ukumatz Association of Guatemala is involved in the 37 in 27 Project to raise funds to combat discrimination against indigenous children and youth

Defend Job dennounces that hundreds of small-vendors in Manila will lost their only way of living for the Pope Francis visit to Philippines

The lawyer Darci Frigo received an award from the Brazilian Ministry of Justice for his contribution to improving access to justice