Collective Letters

ESCR-Net announces its solidarity with the 10th Congress of the Confederación Campesina del Perú (CCP) and supports its fight to prevent Peruvian agriculture from being a victim of free commerce practices that infringe upon essential rights, to protect biodiversity and public health, and promote alimentary sovereignty.

ESCR-Net stands in solidarity with Peruvian civil society organizations and Centro de Asesoría Laboral del Perú (CEDAL) in maintaining their right to freedom of speech. 

ESCR-Net and its members called for the Israeli government to honor international laws and the rights of the Palestinian population on the Gaza Strip, especially the right to health services.

ESCR-Net requested that the Brazilian government take steps in response to the violence and tension that broke out at Sygenta Seeds farm in Paraná, Brazil.  It was called on to secure the safety and protect the human rights of the members of MST and Via Campesina, the two groups involved, and to take measures to disband the private security company that caused the violence.

ESCR-Net requested that President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa urge EXCELLON RESOURCES INC mining company of Canada to attend the dialogue table held with the ejido co-owners of the communal land known as "La Sierrita" in the municipality of Tlahualilo, Durango State, Mexico to discuss how to improve the living conditions of the La Sierrita ejido community and to realize their right to decide on the use of their land.

ESCR-Net stands in solidarity with human rights defenders in Kenya, who suffer violence at the hands of security forces and other violations of human rights.

ESCR-Net stands in solidarity with the Kenya people during this trying time and asks that a resolution to the unstable elections and turmoil be sought.

ESCR-Net asks the government of Nigeria to protect the members of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), an ESCR-Net member organization.  Member homes have been invaded and their lives have been threatened.  ESCR-Net also encourages other organizations to send their own letters of solidarity to the Nigerian government.