Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (General)

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In April the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR), in conjunction with the Arab Institute for Human Rights, held "The African Human Rights System: Practical Steps for Creating Effective Litigation Strategies," a workshop created to openly discuss the role of African human rights system in the wake of the recent uprisings in the region. The attached summary disusses contributions by participant and outcomes of the event.

The South African Constitutional Court was asked to decide whether tenants of a block of flats were entitled to notice before the municipal electricity utility, City Power, disconnected their supply. The tenants paid for their electricity to the owner of the property, and despite their regular payment, the owner allowed substantial arrears to run up on the account, and City Power disconnected the property, giving the owner, but not the tenants, notice.

Approximately 20,000 occupiers of the Joe Slovo informal settlement in Cape Town appealed to the Constitutional Court to set aside an order for their eviction granted by the High Court. The eviction had been sought by the National and Provincial Ministers of Housing and a housing company contracted to implement a development of formal housing for low-income families at the site of the informal settlement. While the housing company tendered that they would provide temporary accommodation for the occupiers in Delft, 15 kilometres away, no permanent housing was guaranteed.