Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (General)

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Geneva/Guatemala: Several international organisations and networks that presented a report on the Right to Food call attention at national and international levels to the situation of hunger and malnutrition existing in Guatemala. They demand that the Right to Food be declared a national priority. Moreover, they urge to cease violence and threats against social, community, indigenous, peasant and trade union leaders, and to effectively protect human rights defenders.

Indigenous Achuar From the Peruvian Amazon Face Off
Against Occidental Petroleum Over Destruction of Pristine Rainforest

(Los Angeles, CA) - A key hearing was held yesterday in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the landmark environmental and public health case brought by indigenous Peruvian Achuar and the U.S. NGO Amazon Watch against Los Angeles-based oil giant Occidental Petroleum (OXY). The appeals court's decision will likely determine whether OXY will have to defend its 30 year-old legacy of massive pollution in the northeastern Peruvian Amazon in a courtroom in Los Angeles, just miles from its world headquarters, or whether the case will move to Peru.

It has been more than two years now since the start of the largest financial meltdown and global economic recession in over fifty years. And yet, how have our governments responded to this crisis in such a way as to uphold people's fundamental dignity and human rights? ESCR-Net--together with AWID, CESR, Center of Concern and the Center for Women's Global Leadership--present this joint report analyzing government responses to the crisis from a human rights perspective.

The United Nations Draft Guiding Principles on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights are currently being developed to provide guidance on the implementation of existing human rights norms and standards in the context of the fight against extreme poverty.

Five residents of Phiri in Soweto brought a case against the City of Johannesburg, Johannesburg Water (a company wholly owned by the City) and the national Minister for Water Affairs and Forestry. There were two key questions at issue.

Chers Membres,

Un an s'est écoulé depuis la Réunion de Stratégie internationale et l'Asemblée générale du Réseau-DESC qui s'est tenue à Nairobi en  Décembre 2008 - année qui a été intense et particulièrement exigeante pour le Réseau-DESC, compte tenu du dynamisme et des attentes générées...

Dear Members,

A year has passed since the International Strategy Meeting and ESCR-Net General Assembly held in Nairobi, Kenya in December 2008-a year that has been intense and particularly demanding for ESCR-Net, given the momentum and expectations generated at the meeting. Our Network has...