Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (General)

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Could the OP bring redress to your community, group or organization for ESCR violations? 

Have you used or been involved with other mechanisms of protection with positive results? 

If so, please share your story or testimony with us.   These would be useful and powerful in our...

The benefits of holding national level events pressuring governments to sign the OP on September 24 depend on the context of each particular country. An event may not be necessary where a country has already committed to signing the OP in September.  For some partners, maintaining a low profile...

ESCR-Net members have submitted alternative reports for the following States : Brazil, Cyprus, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland, Australia and Cambodia,  to the UN Committee on ESCR.

The one day strategy meeting was organized to develop a strategy for Kenya Social Movements.

The meeting was convened as a strategic opportunity to highlight the onging challenges and opportunities within the African region.

The governance sessions provided a forum for members to give vital input, take collective decisions, and to set the course for the future development of the Network. To assist in this process, the following Governance Session Memos were distributed prior to the meeting.