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ESCR-Net hosted a member-led webinar on Climate Justice & ESCR: Considering Frameworks; Challenging Systems in March 2020.

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Developed thanks to the collective work of ESCR-Net Members

Statement: "Unchecked corporate porwer paved the way for COVID-19 and globally, women are at the frontline"
17 March 2020

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Developed by an ESCR-Net Member

Statement: "Digital surveillance to fight COVID-19 can only be justified if it respects human rights"

2 April 2020

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Developed by an ESCR-Net Member

Statement: "Statement on the human rights impact of the COVID-19 pandemic"

Geneva - New York, 7 April 2020


Developed by an ESCR-Net Member

TO: President Trump, Vice President Pence and Members of the 116th Congress
Poverty Amidst Pandemic: A Moral Response to COVID-19

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Economic, Social And Cultural Rights In Changing Times - call for submissions

>> https://www.gi-escr.org/escr-in-changing-times