Regional Consultation in Africa


ESCR-Net and FIDH are proud to co-host the second regional consultation with the Kenya Human Rights Commission in Nairobi, on 23-25 of October 2015. A first consultation in the Asia-Pacific region was held in Thailand, May 2015. A third consultation will take place in Latin-America in 2016, and consultations in other regions are also in the planning phase. 

The consultation session between the Legal Group and civil society actors in the Africa region will continue this Project’s process of formulating legal proposals for the binding instrument, which began in Asia-Pacific in May 2015. These proposals will support advocacy efforts to promote the development of a robust and feasible legally binding instrument to address human rights abuses committed by corporations.

Regional meetings also support the development of coordinated civil society advocacy strategies in various regions. The advocacy strategies will consider ways to engage States to play an active and positive role in the UN Intergovernmental Working Group (IGWG), as well as identify ways in which this international process can support local advocacy efforts for accountability, including through strengthening national and regional legal and policy frameworks. 

Consultation Materials

The Agenda of the meeting can be viewed below.

The list of participants for the Africa CSO Regional Consultation can be found here.

The African civil society joint statement here.

The biographies of the Legal Group members can be found here.

For a background paper on the international developments leading up to the establishment of the UN Intergovernmental Working Group that is mandated to create the treaty, please see here.

For contact with the organisers of the Treaty Initiative, please contact Tatiana Bejar: