Social Movements & Grassroots Groups

The Working Group of Social Movements and Grassroots Groups builds solidarity, facilitates mutual learning, deepens a shared analysis and builds global alliances around common challenges, goals and issues of collective interest, while promoting the active participation and leadership of grassroots leaders in all areas of the Network’s collective work.

Our work together

Facilitating collective conversations 

  • In 2013, the Working Group produced a manual that captures learnings by social movements using human rights in their struggles around land. 

Solidarity Visits

The Working Group has facilitated several solidarity visits to enable members to demonstrate solidarity with each other’s:

Where we are


A Rede Internacional para os Direitos Econômicos, Sociais e Culturais (Rede DESC), em parceria com a Terra de Direitos...

Who We Are

The Working Group is comprised of indigenous peoples, peasants and fisherfolk, residents of informal settlements and the urban poor.

It includes landless farmers, domestic workers, racial and ethnic minorities and people who have mobilized to resist harmful development projects. 

See here for a complete list of the members of this Working Group.