Community-led monitoring

Community-led monitoring is a process through which community members collect and analyze data on issues that affect them, and use it to organize, campaign and advocate for their rights and for structural change.


El informe Lecciones sobre acción ciudadana y rendición de cuentas en los servicios públicos de salud de Guatemala...
Los datos y las pruebas pueden tener un papel crítico a la hora de avanzar la justicia social y los derechos humanos...

Get involved

If you would like to collaborate with members of this working group  and are:

  • a social movement or a community group that is working on telling its own story,
  • an organization, including other ESCR-Net members, that partners with communities to collect, analyze and use data for ESCR advocacy

please contact the Monitoring Working Group Coordinator Francesca, at:

The project

This project aims to increase the centrality of communities in documenting and analysing common global conditions affecting our ESCR by strengthening participatory approaches to documentation and monitoring among ESCR-Net members.

Through working closely with social movement members, along with their communities and their allied partners, we hope to: develop, carry out, monitor and document strategies that reflect the lived experience and resistance in communities; amplify narratives; and build connections across struggles.