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Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: 
Women & ESCR
Strategic Litigation

Plenary 1
ESCR-Net: Work to Date and Future Direction  


The purpose of this opening session is to provide an overview of the development of the Network, highlighting the current areas of collective work and how this work has responded to the needs in the field of ESCR as well...


I.                     The Goals of the International Strategy Meeting and General Assembly  

II.                    Components of the Meeting

III.                  Current ESCR-Net Working Groups and Initiatives

IV.                 Overview of Organizing...

Nairobi, Kenya: December 1-4, 2008
View Reports from the meeting, the plenary and working sessions, the ESCR-Net General Assembly, and the Social Movements and Grassroots Gathering.
          a.  Logistics Memo
          b.  Interpretation Memo
          c.  Visa/Health Memo
          d.  Map of Venue
          a.  List of Proposed Sessions