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The World Forum of Fisher Peoples convened an exchange in Sri Lanka to study the human rights impacts of land and ocean grabbing and to conceptualize a campaign to defend the...

ESCR-Net members around the world are celebrating the release from prison of Saeed Baloch. Saeed, who is a Board member of ESCR-Net and leader of the social movement, Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum, was detained since mid-January, 2016 in a high-security prison in Karachi...

ESCR-Net denounces the ongoing detention of Saeed Baloch, Board member and representative of Network member, Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum.


On 21 January, ESCR-Net sent a letter to the government of Pakistan to express concern about the recent arrest of Saeed Baloch, human rights defender,...

A coalition of residents sent a letter of petition to the Supreme Court to challenge the Water and Power Development Authority's (WAPDA) construction of an electricity grid station in their neighborhood, on designated "green belt" property. The Court heard the matter as a human rights case, as Article 184 (3) of the Pakistan Constitution provides original jurisdiction to the Supreme Court to take up and determine any matter concerning the enforcement of fundamental rights of public importance.

The Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum held a rally against arrests and tortures faced by the fishermen community

From 28 April to 5 May, Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum (PFF) celebrated its founding day under the theme "Impacts of Ecological Water Bodies Destruction and Livelihoods". 

Following a recent fact-finding mission in Umerkot District of Pakistan, the Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) denounced the killing of an 11-year old boy by armed men in the Amanullad Shar village. The boy belonged to a community of peasant laborers who have been confined to the town of Kunri by the local landowner for many years.

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