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On 20 October 2021, ESCR-Net sent a collective letter to the Palestinian authorities expressing our profound concern regarding recent crackdowns on civil society including the killing of political activist Nizar Banat and the repression of subsequent protests.

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ESCR-Net - International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights connects over 280 NGOs, social movements and advocates across more than 75 countries to build a global movement to make human rights and social justice a reality for all. We are proud to count among our members Al-Haq and...

Over the last few months, Israeli courts have upheld unjust “eviction” orders contrary to international law to forcibly displace Palestinian families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan, in occupied East Jerusalem, in order to transfer Israeli settlers therein. In response, Palestinian...

From its origins, feminist economics has highlighted the need to advance in a broader conception of the economy and the economic system, which, in addition to the productive sphere, takes into account the reproductive sphere. In particular, this current points out the importance of unpaid care work for the development of people, but goes a step further by explaining how the provision of care is actually a social need, as it allows the reproduction of the working class, which in turn will be responsible for creating economic values ​​in the reproductive sphere (that is, for reproducing the economic system).

Statement: "Al-Haq Statement on the Health Conditions in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Declaration of a State of Emergency"

10 March 2020


Developed by an ESCR-Net Member

Urgent Appeal to Demand Lifting Gaza Closure

3 April 2020


Developed by an ESCR-Net Member

In the face of potential COVID-19 outbreak in the Gaza Strip, Israel is obliged to take measures to save lives, permitting the entry of medical equipment and supplies, to meet patients’ needs:


Addameer and Al-Haq Send Appeal to UN Special Procedures on the Situation of Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Prisons amidst Concerns over COVID-19 Exposure.

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Arab Joint List, Adalah turn again to Supreme Court, demanding halt to Shin Bet’s invasive surveillance of citizens in struggle against coronavirus:

Israel fails to...