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Statement: "South Africa: authorities must take immediate measures to protect social and economic rights before nationwide lockdown commences"
25 March 2020

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South Africa: authorities must take immediate measures to protect social and economic rights before nationwide lockdown commences

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Coronavirus: A Call for Solidarity in a Time of Crisis



Yolanda Daniels is a domestic worker and sole head-of-household who resided for 16 years in a farm dwelling.  She began living there when her former husband was employed by the owner.  She and her three children remained in the dwelling with the owner’s consent after the couple divorced. 

High Court in South Africa Affirms State Duty to Upgrade Informal Settlement

For over 20 years, the City of Johannesburg promised residents that it would upgrade Slovo Park in the face of a lack of electricity, adequate water, sanitation, refuse removal, demarcated roads, and a proneness to fatal shack fires.  The City’s inaction led residents to develop their own upgrading plans in keeping with the Upgrading of Informal Settlements Policy (UISP) contained within the National Housing Code.  Despite residents’ efforts to engage the City on implementing these plans, the City was unresponsive.  Consequently, represented by the

On 13 September 2019, S’bu Zikode, the president of Abahlali baseMjondolo and member of ESCR-Net’s Board, was invited to speak at Harvard University on the topic of urban activism.

Grounded in the experience of the...

South African Constitutional Court Protects Informal Land Rights Threatened by Mining Activities

The Lesetlheng community applicants brought this case before the Constitutional Court of South Africa on appeal from a High Court order evicting them from their farm. The Lesetlheng community is a subset of the larger Bakgatla-Ba-Kgafela community. The Lesetlheng communities’ ancestors purchased the farm in question in 1919, but owing to the racially discriminatory laws at the time, the ownership of the farm could not be transferred to the Lesetlheng community.

Shelter Residents Successfully Challenge Rules on Family Separation and Lockout

This case grew out of the 2011 judgment in Blue Moonlight, where the Constitutional Court of South Africa held that municipalities have a constitutional obligation to provide temporary emergency accommodation to all evictees who would be rendered homeless.

From 22-25 July, 31 member representatives from 17 countries met in Durban, South Africa, organized with Abahlali baseMjondolo and the ...

Every year on 27 April, South Africa celebrates Freedom Day to commemorate the end of the apartheid regime. On that date in 1994, the country’s first non-racial national elections allowed for the participation of everyone over 18 years old, of any race.

On April 22, the social movement...