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The U.S. commitment to freedom from want requires the government to take specific action in its fiscal and monetary policies to prioritize full employment and to ensure that third party behavior does not compromise human rights.

Watch the first episode of MMP TV, "Infection in Our Health Care System," an hour-long investigation into the local impacts of the healthcare crisis in Philadelphia.

Amnesty International welcomes the Obama administration's first full contribution to assess the human rights performance of governments around the world, and in particular, the Country Reports' expanded coverage of press freedoms and discrimination against vulnerable groups. However, for a thorough assessment of global human rights, the Country Reports should be more comprehensive and include all rights, not only civil and political, but also economic, social and cultural rights.  

Western Shoshone Prevail at Ninth Circuit Court on Mt. Tenabo - Court Issues Ruling Enjoining Cortez Hills Open Pit Gold Mine. Court Agrees with Western Shoshone and Allies that the Interior Department's Approval of the Mine Likely Violated Federal Law.

This page contains the a landmark agreement between the Coalition of  Immokalee Workers (CIW) and McDonalds company to improve farm workers living conditions which took place at the 2007 truth tour in Atlanta , Florida.