African Resources Watch (AfreWatch)

African Resources Watch (AfreWatch) contributes to the successful management of natural resources and ensure that their operations provide economic and social benefits sustainable  to States and African populations. Their goals include: 

  • To increase the participation of citizens in the management of natural resources in mining by the availability, access and understanding of the information.

  • Hold the Government and private actors responsibile for their involvement in the exploitation of natural resources in Africa.

  • To propose credible citizen alternatives in lieu of existing policies in African countries where the companies exploiting natural resources.

AfreWatch works with communites to reinforce the ability of organizations to be involved in the natural resources sector. The organization also works to initiate and motive legislative reforms in the area of natural resources. The organization provides assistance for community organizing, documentation, research, litigation, organizing conferences, as well as training and education.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: