Arab NGO Network for Development



The Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND) is a regional network, working in 12 Arab countries with nine national networks (with an extended membership of 250 CSOs from different backgrounds) and 23 NGO members. ANND was established in 1997 and its headquarters is located in Beirut, Lebanon since 2000.

ANND aims at strengthening the role of civil society, enhancing the values of democracy, respect of human rights and sustainable development in the region. ANND advocates for more sound and effective socio-economic reforms in the region, which integrate the concepts of sustainable development, gender justice, and the rights-based approach.

The network programs cover three main areas:

1. Development Policies in the region

2. Social and economic reform agendas and the role of international and regional organizations.

3. Economic and trade liberalization policies and its social and economic implications

On a horizontal level, ANND addresses issues of peace and security in the region.

The objectives of the program interventions are:

1. Enhancing and strengthening civil society advocacy on social and economic policy-making processes.

2. Opening channels of influence for civil society organizations in the Arab region in policy-making processes on the national, regional and global levels.

3 .Enhancing the availability and production of indigenous resources, material and research related to the role of CSOs in the Arab region.

ANND’s program tools and strategies include: networking, capacity building and information and experience sharing, provision of resources including research and information material, advocacy strengthening, coalition building, monitoring, evaluation, and engagement with policy-making processes and related institutions among civil society groups.


Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: