Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation

BGRF is an independent, non-governmental organization that promotes social equality and women’s human rights in Bulgaria through research, education and advocacy programs. Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation was founded in June, 1998 in Sofia by women committed to working in the field of women’s rights. They all had previous experience in advocacy, education, monitoring violations of human rights, lobbying for legislative changes, preparing publications, and networking. The group consisted of lawyers, academics and women’s rights activists. The group was formed because all of the founders strongly felt that there was a need for specific research, education and advocacy in the area of women’s rights.

Their main purpose is to achieve gender equality as an integral part of the socio-economic and democratic development of Bulgaria through:

  • Legislative changes guaranteeing gender equality in the socio-economic rights
  • Protecting women against violence in all its forms - domestic violence, trafficking in women, sexual harassment at the workplace
  • Adopting national policy that is deeply engaged with the principle of balanced participation of both sexes in political life
  • Identifying, protecting, and lobbying for specific needs and problems of young people
  • Raising public awareness on gender equality issues
Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: