Center for Human Rights and Development - Rwanda (CHRD-Rwanda)

The Center for Human Rights and Development in Rwanda (CHRD-Rwanda) works to increase recognition of the crucial links between rights violations, poverty, exclusion, vulnerability and conflict by illustrating the role of the respect of human rights in development. They are committed to achieving universal respect and observance of the right to development for all, providing legal support for vulnerable people, and promoting human rights in order to reinforce capacity for development. CHRD initiates and supports development projects in the communities in which they conduct training and awareness-raising campaigns. By increasing dignity, morale, and access to land through the promotion of equal rights in vulnerable communities; agricultural and water sanitation development projects can be more successful and sustainable.

CHRD-Rwanda’s programs include running an awareness-raising campaign against the stigmatization and discrimination of persons living with HIV/AIDS, distributing information about legal support programs within the Rwandan Bar Association for those who cannot afford legal counsel and representation, and conducting Legal Empowerment and Civic Engagement trainings using modular curricula that can be applied to a variety of different human rights issues. CHRD-Rwanda also has an extensive referral program for vulnerable people seeking legal aid that identifies and directs beneficiaries to pro-bono legal services provided by qualified CHRD-Rwanda staff and other participating members of the Rwandan Bar Association. 

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: