Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS)

The Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS) is an independent organization committed to promoting democracy, justice, equality, and peace in South Africa addressing and undoing the country's legacy of oppression and discrimination through the realization of human rights for all in South Africa under a just constitutional and legal order.

CALS aims to contribute to human rights literacy and the realization of human rights within disempowered communities through independent research, focused policy advocacy, and public interest litigation in the fields of housing, health, education, water, healthcare, and gender rights.

CALS seeks to accomplish its goals through undertaking rigorous research, writing, analysis and briefings; teaching and providing public education and training'the collection and dissemination of information and publications; and legal advice and litigation, participation in policy formulation, law reform, dispute resolution and institutional development and coordination.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: