Chirwa, Danwood

 Dr Danwood Mzikenge Chirwa is a senior lecturer at the University of Cape Town. He teaches administrative law, international protection of human rights, and current issues in constitutional law.

He has published more than 25 journal articles and chapters in books on human rights especially economic and social rights.Dr Chirwa is a Director of Open Democracy and Advice Centre, Secretary-General of the newly re-launched African Network of Constitutional Law, a Contributing Editor to the South African Journal of Criminal Justice, and an Editor of the ESR Review. In his work, Dr Chirwa has collaborated with NGOs on various human rights issues including Rights and Democracy (Canada), Community Law Centre (South Africa), African Child Policy Forum (Ethiopia),  Southern African Human Rights Trust (Zimbabwe), and Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (Malawi)

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: