Defend Job Philippines

“Defend Job. Defend Life. This is our call and our ultimate objective that binds us in the midst of unemployment, extreme hunger, and poverty. It is our basic human right to have dignified work. It is the basis of our struggle for social justice."

Defend Job Philippines values dignity of work as recognition and respect for the dignity of every human person and their life. That work shall be considered essential for human development and shall not be undermined and regarded as just a commodity.

Defend Job Philippines was established on July 19, 2009 as a wide network to defend jobs initiated by women workers of Triumph International fought against illegal and unjust lay-off and closure.  Now, it has wide network of displaced workers, unions, women and informal sectors united for better working and living condition.

Defend Job Philippines is the secretariat of the Demolition Watch Initiative and networks. As the secretariat, it hosted and spearheaded all meetings, consultations and other activities related to the documentation, research, education, training and campaigns of Demolition Watch.

They state: “Decent Homes. Decent Life. We call to respect our basic human right to adequate housing. End forced evictions, demolitions and all forms of human rights violations.”

Demolition Watch is an initiative and network of various community-based organizations, sectors including women, youth, professionals and the church, individuals and personalities deeply concerned on the massive dislocation of families in Metro Manila due to the on-going and impending implementation of the government’s privatization and infrastructure projects.