Dibeen Association for Environmental Development

Founded in 2010 in Jordan, the Dibeen Association for Environmental Development to protect the environment and natural resources, in addition to building capacity and skills to improve the environmental situations all over the country.  Dibeen Association aims to develop and improve the necessary preventive mechanisms to protect the environment and its natural resources and mitigate pollution factors and dangers to the local and global biosphere. It also seeks to enhance public awareness to adopt environmentally sound lifestyles. It monitors various local environmental issues and contributes to the preparation of technical reports about them to be submitted to the relevant authorities in order to take appropriate measures. It also aims to promote environmental volunteer work that monitors violations of environmental rights. Furthermore, it works on policy development and recommendations to strengthen the laws relating to the protection of the environment.

Since 2015, the association has been focusing more on environmental human rights work, especially with regards to the exploitation of natural resources and the violation of the rights of local communities. Since then, the Dibeen Association has become one of the few associations in Jordan that follow up on public affairs, receive complaints from citizens, and follow up with the relevant authorities on everything related to environmental rights.

Dibeen Association has been running several projects advocating environmental rights. This includes advocacy campaigns to stop projects that violate economic, social and cultural rights. For example, they have worked on stopping the project of a waste transfer station that was going to be built on forest land near a rural residential area. Through their work, they were able to stop this project from happening.

Dibeen is a member of the Habitat  International Coalition, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the International Climate Action Network, the Network for Land and Housing Rights, the Arab Network for Food Sovereignty, the Alliance of Associations for Forests, and the Anna Lindh Network of Civil Society Organizations. 

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: