Economic and Social Rights Academic Network UK and Ireland (ESRAN-UKI)

The Economic and Social Rights Academic Network UKI (ESRAN-UKI) seeks to complement existing academic and advocacy networks, a group of participants decided to establish a network for ESR scholars that provides an opportunity for research exchange and the strengthening of relationships between the UK and Ireland-based academics.

Currently, ESRAN-UKI has two main activities. The first is a biannual workshop, where participants present their work and discuss their papers. Since March 2011, ESRAN-UKI research workshops have been held in London (UCL), Leeds, Lancaster, Dublin (UCD), Nottingham and Essex.

The second key element of ESRAN’s activities is a regular email bulletin that is circulated with information on: (a) publications; (b) events; (c) cases and legislation, and (d) public consultations and other items of interest. It is also envisaged that the Network will serve as a forum for organizing and publicizing future academic ESR events.

While the network membership consists of academics, this does not prevent them from advertising non-academic events or from organizing joint events with non-academics working in the area of ESR.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: