Ekta Parishad

Ekta Parishad is a people’s movement dedicated to non-violent principles of action. Their activists work towards building community-based governance (gram swaraj), local self-reliance (gram swawlamban), and responsible government (jawabdeh sarkar). Their aim is to see India’s poorest people gain control over livelihood resources, especially land, water, and forest.

Ekta Parishad's Vision focuses on the belief in an India where...

"Each one could benefit from equal and guaranteed access to land, forest and water, and the whole population - regardless of the origin or cast - could live with dignity."

"A land reform and a development model would take into account the poorest so that the rights of all citizens would be fairly  protected."

"The application of the Gandhian principles of non-violence would ensure respect for the fundamental rights of the vulnerable and marginalized communities."