Femmes Côte d'Ivoire Experience (FCIEX)

Femmes Cote d'Ivoire Experience (FCIEX) was established in 1998 and is a feminine, non-governmental organization which works for the promotion of women's rights with a particular focus on the rights of women who are at the bottom. FCIEX only works in rural areas, and focuses on educating women so that they can fully enjoy their rights and create an environment in which they can develop their well-being.

The vision of the FCIEX is to see a world in which women, in general, and those at the bottom, in particular, can enjoy their rights, transform their life at all levels (social, environmental, economic, political, and cultural), and fully participate to the development of their nation.

FCIEX's goals include to train women on communication techniques for the practice of the democratic game and the gestion of conflicts prevention; to advocate for the participation of women (those at the bottom) in the public life; to promote women's rights to own and inherit land, housing, and other property; to promote the solidarity among communities; to fight against violence base on gender; to fight for the scholarization of girls in the rural area; to promote women's rights; to mobilize, consolidate, and empower women; to reinforce the capacity and the aptitude of leadership of women (those at the bottom) and their participation in all the programs; and to develop a framework of exchange through a coalition of women, traditional chiefs, young person, in order to ensure the consideration of women socio-cultural problems.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: