Foundation for the Conservation of the Earth (FOCONE)

The Foundation for the conservation of the Earth (FOCONE)'s vision is of a green environment, economic, social and cultural rights, and health and education for all people.Their mission is to promote actions that are healthy, informative and environmental friendly. Over the years, they have focused on economic, social and cultural rights, health, community development, and environmental justice.

The techniques promoted by FOCONE are highly participatory and especially valuable for empowering marginalized groups to advocate for their own development and protection; research, mobilize and sensitize groups to map out communication plans for constructive engagement with other stakeholders to achieve set goal; and promote critical reflection in participatory research, data management, and monitoring & evaluation.

FOCONE pursues equipping people with the right skills aimed at empowering them to advocate for their own development and livelihood security; supporting the vulnerable groups to attain their life potential without discrimination and stigmatization; strengthening community health and safe environmental practices; enhancing community voices in the public arena on development issues in Nigeria; and sustaining community development schemes and economic welfare. 

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: