Human Rights Action (HRA)

Human Rights Action (HRA) is a non-governmental organization founded on 20 February 2004 by Dragan Prelević, attorney at law and representative of the victims in several internationally known cases of violation of human rights in Montenegro, with colleagues and friends. Since 1 March 2010 the executive director is Tea Gorjanc Prelević, LL.M. (American University - Washington College of Law, 1999), formerly a project coordinator and program director with the HRA. Until 2010, HRA was an organization without permanently employed staff. Its members, mostly lawyers, were undertaking activities in addition to their regular work and participated in the projects out of their sense of duty to society. Since March 2010, HRA has four full-time employees, nine-member Advisory Council, and a network of volunteers and associated experts.

Since its establishment, HRA has conducted several projects aimed at the implementation of international standards and the improvement of human rights in Montenegro, especially in the area of judicial independence, freedom of expression, economic and social rights, war crimes and prevention of torture and ill-treatment. HRA is a member of the Coalition of 15 Montenegrin NGOs established with an aim to monitor the EU integration process related to Chapter 23, Judiciary and Fundamental Rights.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: