International Network of Human Rights (RIDH)

The mission of the International Network for Human Rights (RIDH) is to contribute to strengthening the capacities of actors related to the promotion and protection of human rights, providing information, analysis, and technical support in the processes in which they participate. RIDH strives to work as an intermediary in processes of advocacy and dialogue with the goal of having human rights be upheld in a given context.

Their values include:

  • Impartiality: The organization's actions are based in the application of international standards of human rights and their intrinsic values, as well as their universality and the rule of law according to these standards. Impartiality gives them a frame of action in which they seek to establish effective channels of communications and alliances between institutional and nongovernmental actors, and between these and the international mechanisms of protection of human rights.

  • Participation: Since its creation, the organization has constituted the organization as a network of actors committed to human rights; and in the development of their work, they seek to strengthen the voice, capacities, and knowledge of those entitled to human rights, through the promotion of participation and access to information.

  • Transparency: The organization deems that only with transparency that implies proactive accountability can action take place in given spaces and with the necessary legitimacy to carry out their work. They define themselves as a transparent organization at the service of its counterparts that seek respect, protection, and the implementation and enjoyment of human rights.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: