Kenya Land Alliance (KLA)

The Kenya Land Alliance (KLA), formally a Trust and registered as a NGO in July 2013, was established to create an institutional mechanism to advocate for enabling land laws and policies in order to ensure secure and equitable access to land and natural resources in Kenya.  Since inception, KLA has experienced remarkable growth. As a result of its activities, KLA has curved a niche in lobbying and advocacy for reforms of land laws and policies in Kenya.

Their achievements include:

  • Facilitation of networking, information gathering and sharing among KLA members and other stakeholders through workshops, media, exchange visits and other means; generation of relevant and up to date information on land; and membership in other networks such as East Africa LandNet, International Land Coalition and hosts the ILC African node and LSNSA.
  • Sensitization of the communities and the public on land issues.
  • Contribution to the national debate on land reform and generation of national land policy options.
  • Contribution to constitution review process by ensuring the firm inclusion of principles and provisions on land, property, environment and natural resources in Constitution of Kenya.
  • Facilitation of civil society input into Agenda 4 reform processes including the Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation Process; Boundaries Review Commission and the National Integration and Cohesion Commission.
  • Won the Champion of democracy award from the Ford Foundation
  • Supported the Endorois community in regaining their ancestral land through a court ruling and development of a Community Land Recognition Model.
Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: