Nairobi People Settlements Network (NPSN)

The Nairobi People Settlement Network (NPSN) community led, unique organization. They are a Kenyan Association; working in partnership with local non-governmental organizations, governments, ministries, and communitiy based organizations, private sector and donor agencies to champion and promote human rights and assist the most vulnerable and marginalized segment of the society. Their unique approach goes beyond providing basic skills and knowledge required to change there lives for better.

NPSN values volunteerism, devotion (i.e. sacrifice), community empowerment, community participation, transparency and accountability, respect for humanity, equity and equality, teamwork, and diversity. These values guide their day-to day approach to decision making. They influence the design and implementation of every working team and process within its membership and the communities’ members living in people’s settlements.

NPSN uses right based approach through human rights covenants in vulnerable communities as a vehicle to rally those communities to wider socio-economic issues that are related to human rights and dignity. Their experience has shown that, effective community mobilization and organizing can lead to genuine democracy, representative, fair leadership and responsible, collective management of community resources. This approach is based on the knowledge and skills that ultimately, real development depends on the people and their ability to take responsibility and increase control over the resources and decisions that directly affects their lives. 

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: