National Union of Domestic Employees (NUDE)

The mission of the National Union of Domestic Employees (NUDE) is to secure the best quality of life for low income workers by providing effective representation, skillful negotiation, agressive advocacy, and continunous programs of training and education for the personal development of the worker and her/his family.

Their objectives include:

  • To concentrate on organizing into the union persons employed in the capacity of household employees and serving in private houses/homes.
  • To protect members against unfair and unjust treatment by employers.
  • To assist members to attain a better life and to develop themselves mentally and physically as far as possible.
  • To take up bona-fide grievances which members may have endured to redress them satisfactory.
  • To organize into the Union all other types of low income workers who may be desirous of joining for effective representation.