Nazdeek is a 501(c) (3) organization based in the United States of America. It provides grants, strategic advising, and research support to strengthen community justice organizations in Asia.


Nazdeek, meaning “to be close” in Urdu, reflects its commitment to bringing access to justice closer to marginalized communities. We envision a just and equitable world where everyone has an opportunity to lead a dignified life. We partner with grassroots organizations and other stakeholders to increase accountability and protect social and economic rights. Leveraging the power of local and transnational networking, our partners work closely with communities to ensure improved access to justice. Organisations encounter a myriad of challenges when working locally, such as lack of support networks connecting local, regional, and international actors and inadequate resources.


Nazdeek has experienced first-hand the power of strategic legal interventions as being instrumental in increasing accountability among stakeholders and transforming systems to strengthen legal protections for the most vulnerable. Nazdeek is a transnational alliance comprising lawyers, researchers, and community leaders who have successfully advocated for upholding socio-economic rights in Asia.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: