Nazdeek, meaning “to be close” in Urdu, is a legal capacity building organization committed to bringing access to justice closer to marginalized communities in India. Nazdeek partners with grassroots activists and lawyers to build community-based legal networks to increase accountability in the protection of social and economic rights. Leveraging the power of local and transnational networking, they work with communities in developing strategies to demand and secure access to justice and the implementation of fundamental human rights guarantees. Through intensive community-based work, they have developed strategies on applying constitutional and human rights frameworks in national courts and quasi-judicial fora to improve the lives of the poor and marginalized.

Nazdeek has seen first-hand the power of litigation to increase accountability and bring positive change: homes saved from illegal demolition, pregnant women provided with life-saving medical care, and children guaranteed nutritional services. At the same time they have also experienced the challenges of working at the local level: the need for capacity building and awareness raising; the lack of support networks between local, regional and international actors; poor implementation of court orders; and significant gaps in resources in the global south compared to the global north.

Nazdeek is a transnational alliance of lawyers, researchers, and activists who have obtained landmark judgments in the area of socio-economic rights in South Asia.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: