Observatorio de Política Social y Derechos Humanos (OPSDH)

The Observatory of Social Policy and Human Rights – a project of INCIDE Social A.C. – began in July 2007. The primary objective of the project is to collect, systematize, analyze and disseminate qualitative and quantitative information and indicators pertaining to the socio-political context in Mexico, as well as realities impacting the fulfillment of economic, social, cultural and environmental rights in the country. Specifically, the Observatory has been undertaking a process of collecting, systematizing, analyzing and disseminating information regarding the actions and decisions of the following three sources of State power/authority, which have the potential to bear directly on economic, social, cultural and environmental rights:

a) Legal modifications that have the potential to impact the realization of ESCER, including those related to people’s access, or lack thereof, to public services; the regulation of the quality of goods and services utilized by people; and, the exclusion or lack of protection of a specific group of people.

b) Court decisions that are aligned with the four obligations of the State, including access to social security, or the inclusion of social security within other social programs.

c) Programs and strategies coordinated by ministries of the Federal Government that have the potential to foment or, conversely, impede the gradual realization of ESCER. This could include follow up regarding the evolution (substantively and monetarily) of budgets designated to different spheres of rights (health, education, social security). In addition, the focus could be on whether governmental programs and strategies are spurring advances in the access, availability and quality of goods, services and infrastructure that contribute to the realization of ESCER.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: