Right To Education Initiative (RTE)

The misison of the Right to Education (RTE) is to promote education as a human right, making international and national law accessible to everybody. They conduct research and legal analysis and develop tools and guides to help understand and effectively use human rights mechanisms to claim and enforce the right to education. They build bridges between disciplines (human rights, education and development), actors (CSOs, international organizations, academics), and language communities, linking international, national and local advocacy with practical engagements leading to positive changes on the ground.
RTE envisions a world where the right to education for all becomes a reality, from early childhood to lifelong learning, on the basis of the principles of non-discrimination and equality. A world where education is recognized as a human right itself in law and practice and where all human rights in, to and through education are realized. A world where states and non-states actors can be held accountable for their obligations and responsibilities respectively; and where civil society is empowered to play a key role to monitor its implementation.
Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: