Right to Water Forum in the Arab Region (RWFAR)

The Right to Water Forum in the Arab Region (The Forum) was established in 2008 as an initiative by several civic organizations and institutions working on the right to water.

The Forum focuses on defending the right of people living in the Arab region to access water, for drinking and for production of food. The Forum participated in a number of international and regional events, including the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen in 2009, the Alternative World Water Forum in Istanbul in 2009, and the Climate Change Summit in Marrakesh in 2016.

The Forum also participated in the organization of the land, water and health forum in Cairo in 2010, in which many regional and international organizations participated. It was also active in the formation of the Egyptian Committee for the Right to Water in 2009. They have produced two reports on water rights in the region, published in 2010 and 2016.