Salma Hussein

Salma Hussein has been highly engaged with the Economic Policy Working Group when she was working with the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights. She has been writing research papers, policy papers, policy reaction and analysis of macroeconomics and political economy issues, especially fiscal policies, monetary policies, poverty and equality, labor policies and governance.

She has led research teams, advocacy campaigns regarding budget analysis, budget transparency, fiscal justice. She also writes articles and papers for academic institutions like the American University in Cairo and the American University in Beirut, on governance, poverty and hunger, state capture.

In addition she has been generating evidence-based knowledge and arguments to offer to government officials and parliament members, regarding the SDGs development, budget transparency and IMF-led reforms. The ministry of Finance adopted the policy paper she wrote on Budget Transparency. It was written based on a focus discussion group including representatives from the ministries of planning and finance, representative from the World Bank Governance department, representative of the CSO International Budget Partnership, two budget experts from Egyptian CSOs and political parties. 

Furthermore, Salma Hussein has been designing and implementing training on budget transparency and budget analysis for dozens of journalists, CSOs, activists and political parties from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Morocco, Iraq and Yemen.