The mission of Samata is to advocate for the voiceless, hold the government accountable to its promises, enable minorities to fully achieve and exert their rights, promote sustainable development while defending against environmental abuses, and aid the human development of the disadvantaged. They believe the best way to achieve their mission is through adherence to nonviolence, community empowerment and adherence to the democratic process.
Samata's vision is to help build an India in which tribal and scheduled castes, adivasi groups, the poor and other disadvantaged minorities can fully participate in a healthy Indian democracy, enjoy the benefits of economic development, and retain their rights, culture, and history.
Samata believes in the possibility for development that advances the cause of social justice instead of undercutting it; in the ability of communities to develop and interact with the environment sustainably instead of exhausting natural resources and destroying ecological systems; in the capacity of tribal communities for self-government and their right to control their own land and resources; in the power of an organized and informed community; in the wisdom and the necessity of pursuing their mission through peaceful and democratic means.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: