Sierra Leone Network on the Right to Food (SiLNoRF)

Sierra Leone Network on the Right to Food (SiLNoRF) seeks to use evidence based lobbying and advocacy in order to ensure a constructive dialogue and engagement with relevant stakeholders for the effective and efficient realization of the right to food in Sierra Leone.

SiLNoRF's vision is of a Sierra Leone where every person has sufficient and adequate food and fully claims their right to food. Their goals are defined through their strong and diverse network, for they contribute to people’s awareness on the right to adequate food as defined by the Committee on ESCR and interpreted by the UN special rapporteur on the Right to Food. They also contribute to pro-active participation.

SiLNoRF's Agenda to 2018 includes:

  1. Advocate and lobby for a legal framework on the right to food in Sierra Leone;
  2. Lobby the government to increase the budget for agriculture to at least to 11% of the total government budget as well as to strengthen Small Holder Commercialisation program;
  3. Lobby the government to put in place guidelines which are in line with international guiding principles (such as the FAO Voluntary Guidelines on the Right to Food and on Land Tenure and Fisheries) for large scale land investment in Sierra Leone;
  4. Create a platform that allows for constructive dialogue by stakeholders, whereas the communities can actively participate in land lease negotiation processes built on the principles of transparency, accountability and justice.
Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: