Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF)

The Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF) adopts an operational direction to empower NGOs and networks of organizations at local, provincial, regional and national levels. It does this by developing knowledge on natural resource management by communities in a holistic and integrated manner, through organizing forums to promote shared learning, organizing study tours, and through facilitating networking and publishing media. SDF promotes and advocates human rights, and the development of transparent public policies related to natural resource management, which are solutions and approaches conducive to sustainable development.

SDF's objectives are to promote education and holistic approaches to bring about sustainable development; promote, support and develop the effectiveness of NGOs, people's organizations, other groups and their networks to facilitate economic, social and environmental sustainable development; strengthen and expand the coordination of NGOs, people's organizations and other group's networks in order to develop their capacities and potential for attaining development goals; disseminate information to the public in order to raise awareness about the problems of the people, and to motivate public participation in problem solving from the implementation stage all the way to the national policy level; and strengthen the understanding of sustainable development, and to build up cooperation for sustainable development among various groups: the public, academic institutions, government, private businesses, and other partnerships including cooperation among Thai and international NGOs.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: