Tahani Abbas

Tahani Abbas focuses her efforts on advocacy and solidarity to improve the status of human rights in Sudan, with a focus on economic, social and cultural rights. As a lawyer, she has been involved in litigation. She has also been involved in monitoring and documenting human rights violations.

With her experience, Abbas has been helping marginalized women come together and fight for their rights. For example, she has been supporting the organization of women tea sellers and has led campaigns against their arrest and abuse. Tea sellers in Sudan are an informal sector mainly led by women who take care of their families and live on minimal income. Until very recently, they were persecuted by the police and sometimes met with violence. They managed to organize themselves into a collective and have been legally recognized. In addition to tea sellers, Abbas has been working with women refugees from the South and other poor women mainly working in the informal sector.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: