United Sisterhood Alliance

United Sisterhood Alliance is an alliance of four social groups in Cambodia. It evolved from an organization established in 1999 called the Womyn’s Agenda for Change (WAC). They work as a solidarity organization dedicated to address the needs of the people (in particular, women and marginalized groups) and to realize socio-economic development and justice in Cambodia. They pursue change in the lives of women, and society more broadly, by supporting the empowerment of women workers towards realization of their rights.

United Sisterhood Alliance comprises of four separate institutions: 

  • Workers Information Centre (WICworks directly with women garment workers to build networks through provision of drop-in centres which provide information, support services and a community space for garment workers.
  • Messenger Band (MB) is a grassroots advocacy group that composes and performs original songs that reflect the current problems and situation faced by the working class and impoverished people of Cambodia.
  • Women’s Network for Unity (WNU)'s mission is to support sex workers to organise and form networks to advocate for greater access to social services, and freedom from violence and discrimination. WNU work towards change by promoting sex workers’ participation in the development of programs, policies and laws related to sex work.
  • Social Action for Change (SACaddresses and mitigates the impact of policies and practices contributing to systemic and structural injustice, using research, advocacy and mobilisation of community members including farmers, garment workers, sex workers, young people, and people living with HIV. Their current focus areas are access to social services; access to affordable medicines; and addressing the impact of trade policies on smallholder farmers.
Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: