The Monitoring Working Group seeks to promote and implement a human-rights based approach to data that can address imbalances in power, improve accountability and center policymaking on people's lived experiences and perspectives - rather than serving the interests of powerful actors.

About us

The Monitoring Working Group is composed of over 40 members - NGOs, activists and academics from across regions - working towards effective monitoring of economic, social and cultural rights at national and international levels. Aware of the critical role of data for advancing social justice, working group members use a variety of traditional and innovative tools, methods and approaches. For a complete list of the ESCR-Net members participating in the Monitoring Working Group, please click here. For more information or questions, please contact Francesca Feruglio, Monitoring Working Group Coordinator.

Get involved:

Keep us updated and help us spotlight monitoring-related news, blogs, projects by using the hashtag #ESCRmonitoring. We would be also pleased to hear thoughts and feedback about how our posts might be relevant to the work that you carry out.

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