Corporate Accountability

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Amnesty International, together with ICAR, announce the launch of a new website for the Commerce, Crime, and Human Rights Project

The ESCR-Net Corporate Accountability Working Group organized a meeting to develop strategies for the new UN process to establish a treaty to regulate corporate violations of human rights

New expert legal group to consult around the World and develop content proposal for a Treaty on Human Rights and corporate activities

The ETO Consortium released a new publication series to provide guidance on how to apply extraterritorial obligations

The Declaration resulted from a roundtable convened by the Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development

ProDESC and PODER were part of an observation mission that has reported violations to the right to consultation

MiningWatch Canada highlights on the growing number of communities saying no to large scale mining in defense of their lands and wellbeing

ESCR-Net Corporate Accountability Working Group launches new practitioners’ guide to support the interpretation and application of ETOs in the context of corporate human rights violations

PODER has launched a new open data platform to address the lack of transparency and advance corporate accountability of the private sector in Latin America by monitoring companies, corporative elites and their government counterparts